Land Acquisitions

land-acquisitionsWe Buy Property & Land are actively looking for land in, or near to, residential areas across Wales.

We can move quickly to purchase or promote your land, with or without planning permission.

Our local land consultants work directly with private owners and commercial vendors to help them realise land opportunities; and are in a position to consider any type of plot including greenfield or brownfield and regardless of the current planning status of the land.

If you are unsure about the value of the land and prefer not to contract to a fixed sale price, we can also offer a full promotion service. With our land promotion service, we will handle feasibility study and other associated costs.

As local property investors with a long terms interest in Wales. Without any obligation whatsoever, we will appraise your land and provide you with a land offer. Our offers are FREE and without any obligation.

There is unlikely to be anyone locally who has as much passion for land and as successful a team as We Buy Property & Land, so get in touch today to discover just how we can help you.