landlordsWe Buy Property & Land help Landlords by relieving them of the burden of problem properties.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or you’ve become a landlord ‘accidentally’ you will probably agree that being a Landlord is no walk in the park! Dealing with tenants calling day and night, vacant properties with no income, non payment of rent, shelling out money for maintenance, irresponsible tenants damaging your investment, etc., etc., can give you an ulcer before you know it!

On top of all the problems associated with tenants and toilets, do you really know and understand the raft of new legislation being introduced involving licensing of some BTL properties and handling of tenant rent deposits? Many of these laws have stiff penalties for landlords who aren’t abiding by the letter of the law!

Falling foul of the new licensing regime, for example, carries a £20,000 fine and a legal obligation to refund your tenant 12 months rent! Fortunately, you don’t have to continue like this. We can take that problem property off your hands. Whether your property is vacant or not, needs repairs or not, we can help.

Or perhaps you are having problems getting a non-paying tenant out? Call We Buy Property & Land, we can buy your property and take care of the problem tenant ourselves!

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